How to detect ‘fake’ rice. 


According to reports that surfaced online few days ago, almost, if not all producers of long grain rice in China have resorted to produce the long granules from the illegal mixing of plactic rice with natural rice for exportation to other countries. 

The fake rice which is considered to be a major cause of gastritis and other stomach related diseases is being produced using biotechnological systems is feared to be largely consumed by Africa who happens to have the largest chinese rice consumption rate. 

Below are few steps to help identify the ‘plastic’ rice:

  1. Take a few grain of rice and burn them using matches. If its a plastic rice, then it will surely have a plastic odour. 
  2. Get a glass of water and pour some grains in the water, then stir a little. Plastic tend to float on water, so if it’s a fake rice, it will float also. 
  3. Boil a cup of rice or less and keep it up for up to 3 days. If it’s a fake rice, it won’t have any fungus because it will remain the same. 
  4. Boil a cup of rice and observe. If it is a fake rice, a thick layer will form at the top of the pot. 
  5. Get some very hot oil, like 200 degrees hot and pour the rice in it. The fake rice will settle at the bottom of the oil.

Few days ago,  a Nigerian lady residing in Lagos explained how she fell victim of the fake rice which China has been producing for more than two years and is still being sold in the market. 

May God save us all!!!!! 

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