Literature nobel prize winner lambasts Nigerian critics, threatens to leave country. 


The 1996 literature nobel prize winner, Wole Soyinka told reporters at a media event which took place at Freedom park, Lagos Island that he was ashamed to share same nation with ‘imbeciles’ and ‘morons’. 

Soyinka threatens to leave the country in reaction to the media harassment he has been subjected to by Nigerians. 

Speaking out to reporters at an event in Freedom park, Lagos Island, the nobel prize winner lamented, he was embarrased to share same country with ‘imbeciles’ and ‘morons.’

According to Sahara reporters, he said “I should not be leaving United States but Nigeria because those whom one has struggled all one’s life on their behalf can be so imitative in mentality as to start querying the right of their champion to freedom of speech. I am embarrased to be occupying the same space with some ‘imbeciles’and ‘morons’. 

“His exit from Nigeria can be ‘internal’ or ‘external’,” he added. 

The retired professor from the Obafemi Awolowo University also said he might move his foundation, the Wole Soyinka Foundation to another country and dares anyone to challenge his decision. 

If the board agrees, “i will move the residency of my foundation out of Nigeria.”

I will hold a private funeral wake on the inauguration of United States president-elect, Donald Trump to mourn the death of common sense in Nigeria. 

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