Boko Haram kills travelers, injures soldiers in Maiduguri. 


Boko Haram insurgent group killed some passengers and wounded many others including escort soldiers on Maiduguri-Biu highway. 

According to a witness at the scene, the highway is a dangerous route for people to ply and the road was abandoned due to the terrorist attacks for over three years before it was reopened by the military over a year ago. 

A witness, Dauda Pambe, who was among the attacked travellers disclosed that they were being escorted by soldiers from Maiduguri to Biu when the attack was launched on them. 

Mr Pambe said: “We were somewhere between Bulabulin and DogonWaya villages when the Boko Haram gunmen opened fire on the vehicles ahead of us in the convoy”. 

“The first vehicle was hit on the tire and the driver could not proceed so the passengers alighted and fled into the bush; the second vehicle was a pickup van carrying many passengers, and many of them could not escape”.

“They exchanged fire for sometime as many of us remained in the vehicles ducking to avoid being hit with bullet. When the shooting stopped and the Boko Haram fighters left, we had about seven passengers that were killed and some soldiers too were injured”, the witness said.

Anonymous sources within the security circle said some days before the Saturday morning incident, a group of Boko Haram insurgents had suffered some loss when the military turned around an attack from them at the same location.

The incident came three days after Boko Haram gunmen suffered a heavy loss of members after a failed attempt to attack a military base in Kamaya Village near Buratai town of Borno State. In that incident Boko Haram gunmen had in their large numbers stormed a military base in Kamaya with the intention of dislodging the soldiers and taking over the command of the area.

Neither the police nor military has issued a statement on Maiduguri – Biu road attack.

Efforts made to the spokesman of the military in Borno, Victor Isuku, and that of the Borno police, Onyema Nwachukwu, asking for statements were not responded to as at the time of this report.

Source: Premium Times

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