Niger Civil Service Commission reprimands 30 over N258 million pension scam. 


The chairman of the Niger State civil service commission, Mallam Galadima, opened up that not less than thirty people have been punished according to civil service rules over their involvement in a N258 million pension scam from the immediate past administration. 

Investigation revealed that some public officers have been declared guilty in the management of money meant for the payment of retired civil servant’s pension in the immediate past administration. 

Some accused civil servants have been alleged to have confess to committing the crime in which N156.48 million has been refunded pending a balance of N94.29 million. 

However, the Chairman of the commission said that the CSC acted in conformity with the constitution. He maintained that of the 30 public servants accused, three were dismissed, thirteen retired, eight demoted, while one was advised because he was justified to have innocently accepted the money as gift.

He further stated that the state assembly has invited the accused persons and have held a meeting, saying the recent request from the house for a report on the matter was out of the mandate of the commission hence  sections relied upon by the state house of assembly for the request were general provisions.

According to him, by judicial interpretations, the commission generated its powers from special provisions that take precedence over general provisions which, he said, was why the commission could not subject it’s reports to any external influence.

Source: NAN

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