Eating in labour confirmed to be beneficial for women- experts


According to recent review of preceeding research, it has been disclosed that women may be able to eat during labour without a phobia for risk complications.

Though the discovery couldnt point at the food for the difference, women who were to eat before going into labour were disclosed to have a shorter labour than others who were limited to sips of water. 

According to the senior author of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Dr. Vincenza Berghella who said, “we really don’t know how much if anything people can eator drink in labour. 

He disclosed to Reuters health, it is a common discussion among healthcare providers if anyhing people can take more than water or ice chips during labour. 

This has to do with a study in th 1940s where women were at risk of inhaling and choking on the their stomach contents if delivered under general anesthesia. 

General anesthesia is rarely used today, but guidelines still go against eating solid food during labour, they added. 

Research of 10 trials  were carried out involving 3,982 women in labor. All of whom were giving birth to only one child and were not at risk to any delivery difficulties. 

The women with less limited diet were not open to high risk of other complications inhaling and choking during the general anesthesia. 

And those who drink  and eat more than the normal ice chips and water had shorter labors, by an average of 16 minutes to those with high limited diets.

 “If we’re well hydrated and have adequate carbohydrate in our body, our muscles work better,” said Berghella. A woman’s uterus is largely made of muscle.

Berghella said it’s still common practice for women with uncomplicated births to be restricted to water or ice chips during labor.

“The evidence from well-done studies is they can have more than that,” he added.

Source: Reuters

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