Horror!!!! 61 year old apprehended with fresh human body parts. 


By Salam Taofeeq. 

A 61 year old landlord, Taofeek Hassan, was apprehended yesterday with fresh human head and other parts of the body belonging to a lady he was accused to have killed at Ikoga community in Badagry, Lagos. 

According to Vanguard, the lady, who still remains anonymous approached Hassan, a cleric, for spiritual cleansing in Sango Otta because of the hard times she is going through. 

He was on his way to deliver the hunan parts to another cleric, yesterday, when he was stopped by inquisitive people as blood was dripping from the bag. 

When they took the bag from him with force, a female human head, two wrists and heart dropped out of the bag. 

They called for attention which in turn drew out close by residents. If not for the prompt intervention of policemen from Area ‘K’ Command, Badagry, Hassan would have been beaten by the mob, who tied his hands, legs and was dragging him around. 

On interrogation before police arrived, Hassan disclosed that it was his second time of killing clients for the unnamed cleric for ritual purpose.

According to Hassan, “she was not my direct client. A herbalist, Baba Ronke, brought her to me on Sunday. One Alfa from Sango-Otta took her to him. He said that the woman was looking for spiritual solution.

“The Alfa from Otta uses human beings for rituals. He deceived the woman to Badagry, saying he was bringing her to a senior colleague, who would perform some cleansing by the river side on her.

“Immediately they dropped the woman by the riverside they left, with a promise to wait for her at the bus stop. While she was waiting, I came and did my part of the job.”

When questioned how he murdered her, Hassan did not state clearly how he committed the act. He only disclosed that “I began by asking her where she came from; she said she was from Ojodu Berger. I felt pity for her, but I could not help the situation.

“I was on my way to deliver the needed parts to the Alfa at Sango-Otta when I was apprehended. This is my second time of working for Baba Ronke and Alfa.”

Police sources hinted that his accomplices fled when news of Hassan’s arrest went round.

When contacted, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Olarinde Cole-Famous, verified the incident, saying investigation was still going on. 

Source: Vanguard

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