Darkness looms as Nigeria lost 2,591 megawatts. 


The Nigerian government has been facing an uphill task of improving the power supply in the country. The Country has lost thousands of megawatts due to gas and water shortage. 

Current efforts by the present administration to improve the power supply may not yield results soon as the country have reportedly lost 2,591 megawatts. 

9jainfo.com.ng gathered  that the 2,591 megawatts lost was as a result gas shortage, low water and line constraint over 12 generation companies. 

The report was disclosed by Daily Trust in a power generation statistics it obtained showing that the maximum electricity generated was 3,932mw on April 5, out of which 84,244 megawatts hour was apportioned through the Transmission Company of Nigeria to the eleven distribution companies to supply the final users. 

The report further showed the industry data that 77 turbines were available and could have produced 6,887mw with sufficient gas, water and line level. 

Only 44 of the 77 turbines which generates 3,486mw are currently functioning due to those constraints, while the remaining 33 have shut down. 

According to the breakdown of the data, gas constraints yielded 2,443mw of the power loss in 10 gas-based stations. 

Geregu NIPP lost 290mw from two turbines, the three turbines in l Olorunsogo could not generate 360mw while Egbin station lost 495mw. 

 The seven turbines in Deltalost 210mw and generated only 250mw. The Olorunsogo Gas plant lost 114mw as a result of three idle turbines and Omotosho Gas plant lost 152wm due to three idle turbines also. 

Alaoji NIPP lost 360mw, Afam VI generated 0mw instead of 400mw, Ihovbor NIPP lost 112mw and Omotosho NIPP lost 240mw. 

The report added that management of water also affected the generation of electricity as Jebba Hydro lost 90mw. The Ibom power lost 57.6mw. 

The data showed that three hydro and three steam plants generated 1,244mw, the 18 gas plant generated 2,688mw giving a total of 3,932mw generated. 

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