Goodluck Jonathan has been indicted in the $50m recovered in Ikoyi mansion. 


An ex-NIA official has indicted that former president, Goodluck Jonathan, is involved in the $50million alleged NIA fund discovered in Ikoyi saying that the NIA was used as a cover up to release the fund for his 2015 campaign. 

Ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan has been pointed at again in the recent controversial anonymous fund recovered by EFCC agents in Ikoyi, Lagos State. 

According to repirts from Daily Trust, a retired officer of the National Intelligence Agency on Thursday, April 20 disclosed that the money recovered by the ant-graft agency was part of funds used by the former president via the NIA for the 2015 campaign of his party. 

It was gathered that Ibrahim who was an ex-officer of the NIA retires in 2006 as Deputy Director and has been in a closed relationship with Oke, revealed that Jonathan gave his conscent that funds should be given to some PDP chieftains, though One did not do as directed for reasons known to him. 

He disclosed that: “lot of things have happened; a lot of public officers have actually drifted away from the disciplined course and as a result so many things have happened. The NIA is not an exception at all.

“I think what really happened was that the money was issued to the agency (NIA) just in the same way it was given to the NSAs office.

“President Jonathan approved $289 million or so in November 2014 in excess of the approved budget of the agency.

“So, that excess was intended as campaign funds and the agency, the DG NIA in particular, was supposed to disburse the fund but along the way, he found a way of diverting even that one for his own private use.”

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