Boy chops off his penis, tries to kill mum after smoking weed.


A 16 – year – old boy has chopped off his penis and almost murdered his mum after he had suffered from the hard drugs he took.

The boy having hallucinations had gone to bed with a  knife as he was having fear that people are residing inside the walls of his room. 

 He woke up in the middle of the night, stabbed his mother and chop off his own manhood. 

Doctors describes this illness as “cannabis-induced psychotic episode.”

According to BBC, the boy’s father how the drug changed his “very bright, bubbly lad” into a paranoid “waste of space.”

The disturbed father said: “He basically had a psychotic episode and did huge amounts of harm to both himself and his mother .”

Due to the fact that the boy is still a minor, the family’s identity could not be disclosed. 

He said his boy became fully addicted after he tried smoking the hard drug with his friends. 

Doctors said the boy would need futher surgeriy after he had undergone several operations to rejoin his manhood.

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