Son of Italian Mafia boss kills friend for likng his girlfriends Facebook picture. 


​Francesco Prestia, 19, was left dead in an olive field in Mileto, Italy, with three bullet wounds in his chest. 

Alex Pititto, 15, who is the son of a mafia boss faces life imprisonment after shooting his best friend whose offence was ‘liking’ a facebook picture of his girlfriend. 

According to the Italian media, Alex Pititto is the son of ‘Ndrangheta mafia boss Salvatore Pititto, also know as ‘El Tio’ (The Uncle). 

The boy viewed the act as a lack of respect. 

He reportedly turned himself. Over to the police and also led them to where he left his friend’s body. 

Local reports disclosed that Pititto had suspected long ago that his friend has a crush in his girlfriend. 

But he invited his friend to a meeting in a remote field and gunned him down when he discovered that he had ‘like’ a new picture of her girlfriend on her Facebook page. 

Though, he had recently uploaded a picture of him and Francesco and captioned it: “Friendship is something in the mouth of everybody, but in the heart of not too many people.”

The victim’s family wrote a message on his facebook page saying: “You were so perfect that angels wanted you with them. We miss you a lot. Travel well, prince.”

In January, a police anti-mafia operation tagged “Stammer” saw Alex’s father Salvatore, 49, his mother Maria Antonia Messiano, his brother and his cousin arrested.

According to Italian mafia experts, more lethal crimes are being planned by a new, young and dangerous generation of teenage ‘baby bosses’.

Mafia author, Roberto Saviano said the coming generation are fearless about being caught and hasten to kill than the older mafians. 

He said: “They are young and have their whole lives ahead of them. For them, it’s the same.”

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