Nigerian Custom Service to commence auction process on 1st of July. 


The ​Nigeria Customs Service has declared that it would commence the auction of seized and condemned goods to interested and qualified persons on July 1, 2017.

The NCS disclosed following the successful testing of the new e-auction portal the auction process will be reopened after about 18 months of prorogation

This was disclosed on the NCS website this weekend. 

It said: “After repeated tests of the e-auction platform Nigeria Customs is now set to deploy the e-auction portal on the 1st of july 2017.

“The portal is now fully networked to designated banks to ensure money accruing from the auction gets to the Central bank of Nigeria Treasury Single Account for transparency and accountability.

“After receiving the report, the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd) directed the auction committee to ensure that only proper pictures of the goods as well as detailed information about each are uploaded to avoid and misgiving.

“He further stressed the need for more weeks to enable interested members of the public to obtain their Tax identification numbers (TIN) from the federal inland revenue before the commencement date .

“The platform which is highly interactive will only give access to holders of TIN. Such tax payers will log in, read the guidelines, pay the non refundable one thousand auction fee and proceed to bid for the items on auction”.

All interested parties are urged to get their Federal Inland Revenue issued Tax Identification Numbers. 

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