Nigeria was in great danger under Jonathan. -Oshiomole. 


The former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole asserted that the country was in great danger under the previous administration and was thereby unfit to continue in 2015. 

He said the level of competency people looked out for under former President Goodluck Jonathan’s regime was not there and even the basic things were not done properly. 
Speaking in a conversation with The Interview, he asserted that even Jonathan admitted he didn’t do much for his region (South-South). 

He said: “If you follow my commentary two, three years into his government, it was clear that even the most basic things were not properly done. The competence expected was not there. The level of fairness was not there. And even if you were to talk about the sentiment of servicing the geo-political zones, the South-South had nothing to boast of.

“Even the road to Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, didn’t show that a president came from that area. I have travelled across Nigeria, so we in the south cannot say this is our dividend. He himself agreed that he didn’t do much for the South-South.”

The actual question was: where did he do?

“Also, I remember asking the Chief of Army Staff the day the president wanted to postpone the election (from February 14), I said, ‘Two weeks ago, you said the Armed Forces was ready for the election, now, you are saying Boko Haram is controlling how many local governments. You PDP took over 774 local governments, now you have ceded territories to Boko Haram.’

“So I was convinced and I arrived at a conclusion that Nigeria was in great danger if we didn’t effect a change in the political leadership. That was how we parted ways. I remember he, Jonathan, called me about four days to the election over an advert I did. In the advert, I showed the pictures of the immigration recruitment they purported to have done in a stadium.

“That was the height of incompetence – that the Federal Government would defraud the unemployed people, ask them to pay some fees to attract a federal job.”

Assessing the performance of the APC-led administration, he said that even with the glaring obstacles, “the country has regained some level of self-confidence.”

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