Two policemen killed by criminal gang in Niger State. 


Two Police officers, an Inspector and a Sergeant, are reported to have been maimed in Allawa village in Shiro room Local Government, Niger State. 

On Sunday, criminals based in the State murdered the two officers who were on official duty in the community. 

It was reported that some criminals in the area had been pronounced wanted by both the Niger and Kaduna Police.
The notorious gang which is allegedly led by a wanted criminal is behind the kidnap of seven persons from a mosque in the area recently. 

The Niger State Police Command on Sunday, sent a team to the village to arrest the culprits after a tip-off. 

But the situation  went wrong as the police were attacked which led to the death of Inspector Alfa Idris and Sergeant Peter Joseph.  

Two members of the gang had earlier been arrested by the Police and had also provided useful information, which made the police send a five-man team including the two dead officers. 

According to vanguard source, the police were attacked by the gang upon their arrival into the village. 

Inspector Idris sustained injuries and was rushed to Kagara Hospital, where he died. 

It was reported that his death came as a result of some military men, alleged to be from ‘special force’ came to the hospital and arrested the policemen. 

The staffs of the hospital, upon sighting the military men, took to their heels leaving the wounded Inspector who bled to death. 

Confirming the story, Niger Police Command spokesman, DSP Bala Elkana, also noted that the other policemen arrested had been ordered to be freed by the Nigerian Army in Minna. 

He said the matter is still being investigated and that those involved will be dealt with. 

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