Atiku’s justification for renouncing APC fallacious – Pally Iriase

Pally Iriase, APC representative
APC member, House of Representatives, Mr Pally Iriase

Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, was faulted by the deputy Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Mr Pally Iriase, for giving Nigerians illogical reason for leaving the All Progressive Congress, APC, when he asserted that he renounced the party due to flopped promises by President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Mr Pally Iriase said: “Buhari took over government at a time when the oil price crashed so there is no way he could have performed a miracle. Some politicians will tell lies when they want to justify their actions.

“What Atiku said does not make sense to me. Look at all these billions that are being trailed, they are in the hands of Nigerians.

“Mr President lamented the other day that when he was in the military, once you were known to be a thief, he would bundle you into the prison then from there you would prove whether you were clean or not.

“But this time, when you see a thief looting and going away with your money, they will tell you he is innocent until proved guilty by the court. He said you could see his dilemma. So you can see what is happening.

“When people say corruption is fighting back, it is serious. But I believe that given a lot of things quietly going on despite the paucity of funds, Nigerians will see the sincerity of purpose in this government.

“When it is time to start pin pointing what has been achieved, the greater majority of Nigerians will know the difference.’’

Iriase, representing Owan federal constituency, Edo State in the House of Representatives, explained that when 2019 campaigns kicks off, “you will see that there will be no Atiku factor in Edo State or Nigeria as a whole.

“This APC government is actually taking Nigeria on the right path. It is just that the rot that you need to clean up to start seeing light at the end of the tunnel is so humongous.

“We as human beings by nature want quick fix but it is not possible to do quick fix. Even now, you are talking about predicating your budget on 45 dollars bench mark, all through the last administration we were talking about 90 dollars to 98 dollars per barrel.

“Can we talk about that kind of money now? No. So people have to be reasonable,’’ he concluded.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who was Vice president under the canopy of PDP for 8 years crossed to the APC before the 2015 general elections which was won by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Atiku has crossed back to the PDP in a bid to keep his hope of running for president in 2019 alive.

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