Headmaster accused of diabolical act killed.


Mr. Comas Nwaiwu, a serving headmaster, has been allegedly murdered by raging youths from Nneoche Umuoma Nzerem in Imo State.

Nwaiwu, 57, was reportedly killed on Wednesday November 29, 2017, was the headmaster of Obolo Primary School in Ehime Mbano.

His corpse was also reportedly set ablaze by youths from the community after they had lynched him.

According to Southern City News, the head teacher, on Tuesday, was mobbed based on accusations that he manipulated his family member’s destiny through fetish means.

An anonymous widow in the community was reported to have also accused the victim of having a hand in his husband’s death.

A source disclosed that the President General of the community, Mr. Nnanna Okonkwo, gave the youths the green light, who stormed the headmaster’s house, lynched him and burned his corpse.

Efforts made to contact the victim’s wife proved abortive as she was unwilling to talk.

A source close to the victim’s family disclosed that the head teacher was killed due to envy from his close relations.

The source claimed that they believed he was having greater success than them.

The source said, “He was not into any diabolical ( act ) at all. As a teacher, who was nearing retirement, he managed to build a bungalow of four rooms for his immediate family over the years that he was in service.

“But these nephews of his, who did not go to school , did not learn a trade and are not into any business, cooked up the story that he was the one bewitching them.”

Confirming the incident, the State Police Public Relations Officer, SP. Andrew Enwerem, said, “ We have arrested three suspects , including Okonkwo, in connection with the incident and a thorough investigation is in progress.”

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