Warri Pastor repents, joins Free The Sheeple campaign.

Pastor Ufuoma Bernard
Pastor Ufuoma Bernard

A Warri based Pastor, Ufuoma Bernard has allegedly joined the ‘ Free The Sheeple ‘ campaign after he repented from collecting tithes in his ministry.

The pastor who shared the outcome of his one month research for the origin of tithing in the Bible declared,

“After one month of poring through the Bible and critically examining both sides of the arguments for and against TITHING I publicly repent for receiving tithes. I am convinced Daddy Freeze is right. No more tithing in my ministry.”

“I am a pastor but I don’t know everything. I am a work in progress. I learn everyday and from everyone. I am open to new things. I am not stuck in dogma and tradition. I am a liberal person. I hate fanaticism. I am not interested in making money through church business or attracting large crowd or having branches of my church in every street and road. I am only interested in sharing the truth as I know it.

The truth I am sure will set the people free from dogma, superstition, manipulation, ignorance and poverty.”

Popular controversial OAP Daddy Freeze started the ‘ free the Sheeple’ when he questioned pastors on why they collect tithe.

Daddy Freeze 'free the sheeple'
Daddy Freeze ‘free the sheeple’

It has generated lots of criticisms and praises alike from Nigerians, pastors and notable men of God included.

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