Nigeria drops to 51st in the latest FIFA rankings.

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The Federation Internationale de Football, FIFA, on Thursday released its latest men’s world rankings in which Nigeria dropped a spot on the list.

The Super Eagles dropped from 50th to 51st, and are now ranking 9th in Africa.

Fellow Group D Russia’18 opponents, Argentina, Croatia and Iceland did not also improve much in the ranking.

Other representatives from Africa at the next year’s FIFA world cup, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco ranked 23rd, 27th, 31st and 40th respectively.

Argentina remained at number four, Croatia moved to 17th and Iceland dropped to number 22.

Argentina maintained their number four spot, Croatia moved up one spot to 17th while Iceland dropped to number 22.

The host of 2018 African cup of Nations, Seychelles dropped three spots to 192nd.

World champion, Germany remain number one followed by Brazil.

European champions Portugal ranked 3rd with Argentina at number 4.

Belgium, Spain, Poland and Switzerland are 5th, 6th,7th and 8th respectively, with France 9th and Chile 10th to complete the top 10.

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